• Family campsite with warm and friendly atmosphere
  • Great pool with soft bottom
  • Mobile homes centrally located
  • Professional entertainment crew
  • A visit to Rome is definitely a must
  • Catch a shuttle bus to Rome
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  • Warm, friendly campsite near Rome
  • Fun pool complex with several pools
  • Beautiful beach 10km from the campsite
  • Enthusiastic entertainment crew
  • Rome just a stone's throw away
  • Taxi service from the airport
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Camping Rome

Lazio is a very popular region in Central Italy where the capital city of Rome is located. As one would expect, there are so many things to do here, including a visit to the world-renowned Colosseum, where gladiators fought each other centuries ago! Another famous sight is St. Peter's church, a splendid building with a magnificent interior you have to explore! Rome is a great city to discover on foot. There is something to see on every single street corner! Other places in the Lazio region worth exploring are the historic villages of Tivoli and Frascati and magnificent Lake Vico, located further inland.

Our campsites in Rome

We have a varied selection of campsites available in Rome. Whether you are looking for a small and friendly family camping or a lively site with modern facilities, we have one that is just right for you! One of our campsites is just 6 miles from the beautiful beaches of Ostia. Whatever you choose, with us, your holiday in Rome is guaranteed to be truly unforgettable!

Our accommodations

We offer various types of mobile homes at our campsites in Rome, such as our two-bedroomed Verde mobile home. The Verde model comes with free air conditioning plus a wooden decking, partially with a louvered roof where you can sit and relax. We also offer our luxury, three-bedroomed Excellent mobile home with satellite TV. Choose one of our mobile homes and you are bound to enjoy your holiday in Rome!

Are you finding it hard to choose a campsite in Rome? If so, please call us (+44 (0) 20 3514 8078) or send an email to info@roan.co.uk for more information.

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