Final cleaning

How nice is it that after a wonderful holiday you don't have to clean your accommodation yourself? At Roan we like to take this care out of your hands, since a few years it is possible to book a final cleaning!

Obligatory final cleaning 

From 2023 most campsites have a mandatory final cleaning, if applicable you will see this when making the booking. The costs are €75,-. The final cleaning for bungalow tents and lodge tents is €60,- and is to be paid at the time of booking.

Choose for yourself whether you want to add a final cleaning when booking your holiday

At some campsites in Croatia, final cleaning is optional when you book your holiday. The costs are €75,- for all mobile homes (in the Supreme Plus Lounge, Supreme Lounge and Premium Plus 3bed Lounge mobile homes, final cleaning is included), For tents and lodge tents this is €60,-. When you choose to book the final cleaning, we do ask you to take all food and groceries out of the cupboards and refrigerator, dispose of your waste and do the dishes. We also ask you to clean the barbecue.

Why can't the final cleaning be booked in advance at each camping?

If the booking of the final cleaning is not mentioned at your campsite, then unfortunately there is no possibility to book this at the moment. On the spot you can always discuss with our own Roan camping representatives whether they can take care of the final cleaning for you. The costs are €75,- for all mobile homes and for tents and lodge tents this is €60,-.

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