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Before making a booking

How do I book my own Preferred-pitch?

Want to be sure of your favourite spot at the campsite? This can easily be arranged by selecting your preferred pitch in the 'extras' step during the booking process. If you have already completed a booking, you can still add your preferred pitch in your 'My Roan' environment. If you need help, or your preferred spot no longer appears available, our travel specialists are ready to help you further. You can reach us via our chat or call us.

Can I also get an option?

You can. We are happy to give you an option for a maximum of 5 days (including Saturday and Sunday), this way you can be sure of the price. A message via e-mail or telephone suffices to let us know whether or not the option can go ahead. Within a month before arrival, you can receive an option for a maximum of 1 working day. Please note: if we do not receive a response, the option will automatically expire.

Can we arrive at Roan only on Saturday?

At Roan, you can arrive and depart on many days, namely Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. The arrival and departure days may vary per campsite. You can easily check the arrival and departure days at your favourite campsite in the price table on the campsite page. In principle, a minimum stay of 2 nights applies. Bookings with arrival on Thursday have a minimum stay of 4 nights. This applies to all campsites.

What else do we have to pay on the spot?

In all countries, you pay tourist tax. Expect to pay between €0.50 and €1.00 per day per person for this. Children are often free or half the money.

In Croatia you pay a registration fee of +/- € 1 per person at some campsites (e.g. Vestar, Polari, Krk, Amadria Park Camping Trogir and Zaton Holiday Resort). In the Netherlands a service fee may be charged. 

At some campsites, an extra charge must be paid for the use of the swimming pool or car park, for example. When this is the case, it is clearly stated on the specific campsite page.

This season, we will not collect the deposit via a payment request or by cash payment. On arrival at the campsite, our staff will give you a SEPA form. You fill in this SEPA form and when you leave your accommodation, clean and undamaged, you will receive this form back without us collecting anything. If required, our staff will provide you with cleaning products free of charge. If you leave before 7.00 a.m., the completed SEPA form will be destroyed by our staff after they have found your accommodation. Sometimes you also pay a deposit for e.g. barrier tickets or swimming pool tickets. If the barbecue has not been cleaned on departure, we are obliged to deduct €25 from the deposit you paid.

Can we add final cleaning?

How nice is it that after a wonderful holiday you don't have to clean your accommodation yourself? At Roan we are happy to take this worry off your hands. In some accommodation the final cleaning is included and at some campsites the final cleaning is compulsory. More information about the final cleaning can be found at here.

Can we state our preference?

You may also state any preferences you may have. Our staff will do their utmost best to take your preferences into account when planning their campsite schedules. There is no charge for stating your preferences. However, we can never guarantee your preference but we promise to do our best!

If a preference you have given us is not possible, for whatever reason, you will not be informed beforehand.

At Roan, you can book a Next to each other guarantee or a Roan Preferred-pitch at most campsites.

On our website you can see when booking, when adding the extras, whether a Roan Preferred-pitch or a Next to each other guarantee is possible. 

For more information we refer you to our travel conditions.

What does the Refund guarantee entail?

If your holiday cannot go ahead due to a quarantine obligation in your holiday country or home country on a national level, we guarantee a full refund within 10 working days! Of course you can also opt for another destination. This guarantee applies to bookings throughout the season.

The money back guarantee does not apply if the quarantine is caused by the vaccination status of you or your travel companions.

We will never ask for your medical records, so if you were to travel to a destination where it has been determined that a quarantine is mandatory, for unvaccinated travellers, then this is not verifiable for us and you cannot use the Refund guarantee. The same applies to vaccinated travellers, again because this is unverifiable. If a country indicates that a quarantine requirement has been imposed at national level, regardless of vaccination status, then this is measurable to us and you are entitled to the Refund guarantee.

What are the reservation charges at Roan?

The reservation fee is € 27,-.

How can I book?

You can book with us by phone, email or at our website. After going through the booking process you will receive an email from us with the booking confirmation. Once the booking confirmation has been received, your booking is final and the deposit must be paid before the date stated on the booking confirmation.

Why do I have to pay €10,- consumer contribution SGR?

From 1 February 2021, the SGR Guarantee Fund will introduce a participation fee of € 10 per booking. This amount will be charged to the traveller by Roan Luxury Camping Holidays and transferred to the SGR Guarantee Fund.

Roan Luxury Camping Holidays is affiliated with SGR (travel guarantee fund). We do this in order to offer you, as a customer, protection. Should Roan run into financial problems, you will always receive your payment back via the SGR.

The own consumer contribution SGR (formerly SGR contribution) was abolished in 1999. At that time, the SGR had built up sufficient resources to pay out clients who had suffered losses in the event of any bankruptcies of travel organisations. As a result of Covid-19, the SGR expects more companies to apply for financial insolvency in the future and in order to ensure that the guarantee obligation can be met, this levy will be reintroduced.

Which extras can I add to my booking?

We thought about everything with Roan!  You can book the following essentials: stroller, cot, pull-along wagon, highchair, beachtowels, towels, your pet, the next-door guarantee and the pitch-guarantee.

What are the rules for the swimming pool?

In some pools, especially in Italy, a swimming cap must be worn at all times. Sometimes a cap or a bandana is sufficient. Some campsites in France do not permit swimming shorts but require men and boys to wear fitted swimming trunks. Check the water recreation section on our camping pages to see which type of swimwear is allowed. Please note that swimming pools at some campsites are closed at midday (siesta), for example, from 1 pm to 3 pm.

What is the difference between a Premium Plus 3bed Lounge and a Premium 3bed Lounge mobile home?

The mobile homes both have 3 bedrooms, air conditioning, luxury lounge decking, can accommodate up to 7 people and are 35 m2 in size. In the Premium Plus 3bed Lounge, final cleaning is included. The main other difference is the layout and appearance of the mobile homes. The Premium Plus 3-bed Lounge is equipped with a kitchen at the front of the mobile home and a large sliding door to the decking, and in the Premium 3-bed lounge the kitchen is located at the rear and you walk onto the decking through French windows. In the Premium 3bed lounge there is a separate dining and sitting area, in the Premium Plus 3bed Lounge there is a combi dining/sitting area. The front of the Premium Plus 3bed Lounge features a modern 'stone-look'.

How much does a cancellation insurance at Roan cost?

We offer the cancellation insurance of Mutuaide Assistance. This insurance reimburses you for the cancellation costs or the unused holiday days, if you have to end your holiday prematurely. This cancellation insurance costs 5% of the travel sum.

Can I choose my own pitch on the campsite?

By choosing for our Preferred-pitch you will be assured of the best pitch of your choice. The Roan Preferred-pitch costs €99,- and cannot be taken out in combination with the next to eachother guarantee.

Where can you find the map of the campsite?

These can be found on the camping page. If you are curious about the location of the accommodation on the campsite, you can view it at 'View map'.

At 'View the location of the campsite on the map' you can see where the campsite is located on the Google Maps map. You will also find villages, restaurants and places of interest nearby!

What is included in the price?

The rental price of your accommodation includes: rental of your accommodation, gas, water, electricity, pitch fees, VAT based on 4 persons. For the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th person you pay a surcharge. The price does not include € 27 booking fee, € 10 SGR contribution per booking. Any tourist tax is not included. You pay this on the spot or when booking.

Are the facilities at the campsite open at all times?

Especially in off-season, you have to take it in to account that the facilities such as swimming pool, entertainment or restaurant are not open (anymore). Sometimes campsite owners can decide to open certain facilities later or to close them earlier. We try as much as possible to give the correct opening dates but take no responsibility for the eventual inaccuracies.

Is barbecuing allowed everywhere?

Almost all our campsites include barbecue facilities. If charcoal is allowed, you will find a free charcoal barbecue at your accommodation. However, if charcoal is not permitted but gas is, we will provide you with a free gas BBQ (including gas cylinder). Some campsites have a central barbecue area and some campsites do not allow barbecues because of drought hazards. If this is the case, you will find a luxury griddle at your accommodation. Our campsite pages include important information about the type and availability of barbecues at your chosen campsite.

Is there a surcharge for more than 4 people?

All prices shown on our website are based on 4 persons. For a 5th person a supplement of € 3 per night applies, for the 6th person of € 4 per night and for the 7th and 8th person a supplement of € 5 per night. Please note! At campsite Bijela Uvala and Zelena Laguna a supplement of € 8 per night applies for the 6th person. At Campsites Bijela Uvala, Zelena Laguna, Mediterraneo, La Pierre Verte and Portofelice a supplement of €10 per night applies for the 7th person. 

At Marina di Venezia campsite a supplement of €12 per night applies for the 7th person. At campsite Pra delle Torri a supplement for the 6th person must be paid on site. The amount of this supplement varies. At Pra delle Torri children up to 2 years are free and children from 3 years and adults pay a supplement ranging from €15 to €28 per night depending on the period booked.

Are pets allowed at Roan?

Pets are allowed only in our tents and lodge tents (not permitted on all campsites) The cost of bringing your pet is € 9/£ 7,- per night. While making your reservation you need to mention if you are going to travel with your pet. Pets at campsites Etruria and Le Capanne to be paid on site.

Can we book an accommodation next to each other with Roan?

For € 30 per accommodation, you are guaranteed of being located next-door to your friends or family (max. of 3 accommodations, same accommodation, same holiday period). “Next-door” also includes being located “opposite each other”, “back-to-back” or “diagonally
opposite each other”. In highly exceptional cases, we may not be able to honour our guarantee and in such a case, you are entitled to € 120 return on each accommodation (not available at all campsites). If a Preferred-pitch is possible on an accommodation, it is not possible to book the Next-door-guarantee.

On our website you can see when booking, when adding the extras whether a Preferred-pitch or a guarantee next to each other is possible.

A Preferred-pitch can be booked up to 1 day before the start of your holiday at the latest and cannot be taken out in combination with the neighbourhood guarantee.

Tourist tax

Tourist tax must be paid either when booking or on arrival at the campsite. On arrival, you must pay at the campsite reception or with our staff. In some cases, small children are free. Some campsites require you to hand in your passport at the main reception and you will get it back once the tourist tax has been paid or on your departure. At campsites Playa Brava, Bijela Uvala, Zelena Laguna, Lanterna Premium Camping Resort, Bi-Village and Park Umag, you pay the tourist tax and any registration fee when booking. Tip: many campsites also accept a Camping Card instead of a passport.

What is the difference between a Next-door guarantee and a Preferred-pitch?

For € 30 per accommodation, you are guaranteed of being located next-door to your friends or family (max. of 3 accommodations, same accommodation, same holiday period). “Next-door” also includes being located “opposite each other”, “back-to-back” or “diagonally
opposite each other”.  You don't choose your own place, our campsite representatives will do it for you.

Do you want the best place on the campsite? By choosing for our Preferred-pitch you will be assured of the best pitch of your choice. Are you going on holiday together and want to stand next to each other? Then find the best places next to each other together! The Roan Preferred-pitch can be booked for only €99. 

A combination of the Preferred-pitch and the Next-door Guarantee is not possible.

About your existing booking

Can I cancel my booking (partially)?

You can cancel your booking free of charge until February 1st 2024. Your deposit must be paid prior to the date stated on your confirmation. However, it will be refunded to your account if you cancel before February 1st 2024 (except the mandatory consumer contribution SGR of €10). If you cancel after this date, you are required to pay cancellation fees (see Travel Conditions). If you decide to cancel part of your booking, you will have to pay a cancellation fee for the nights you cancel. N.B.: It is not always possible to lengthen or shorten your holiday. However, if you do so, you may be charged a cancellation fee since we strive to ensure that our accommodations are occupied at all times. If you have to cancel the entire trip, we would like to ask you to inform us in writing. You can send an email with your details.

How can I make a payment?

You can pay by logging in to My Roan. After you have logged in, you can pay easily and quickly online. Of course, you can also transfer the amount yourself to account number IBAN: NL85RABO0100921981 (BIC: RABONL2U) stating the booking number.

When do I have to pay the deposit?

The deposit for 2024 is €99,-, if you have booked before 31 December 2023. If you book in January or February 2024, we ask a deposit of 15%. From March 2024 the deposit is 25%. If you have cancellation insurance, these costs will be added. The remainder of the payment must be in the possession of the booking office at least 8 weeks before arrival. If payments are not made within the specified period, the travel agency reserves the right to cancel the booking and the applicant will be liable for the cancellation costs.

If you book within 8 weeks of your arrival, then the total amount has to be paid at once. You do not receive giro collection slips, but you can pay by bank transfer, Mastercard, or VISA. By logging in to 'My Roan' you can easily choose which payment method you would like to use.

When do I receive my travel documents?

After we have received your payment in full, we will send you the travel documents by e-mail (starting 1 March), 28 days prior to the start of your holiday. Those travel documents include your vouchers, information about the campsite and your accommodation.

Can I invoke the right of withdrawal?

The right of withdrawal does not apply to all services of Roan Luxury Camping Holidays. Services relating to accommodation to be provided on a specific date or during a specific period are excluded from the right of withdrawal. However, we do have a cancellation scheme. For more information about cancellations, see under "Can I cancel my booking (partially)?''

Does Roan apply flexible pricing and what does this mean for my booking?

We monitor our prices daily and adjust them if necessary. It is therefore possible that the trip you saw yesterday has become cheaper or more expensive today. We apply the price of the moment you book your holiday. We will never charge you a higher price afterwards. If the price goes down on the other hand, we will not adjust your booking either. After all, at the time of booking you agreed to our conditions and the price at that time.

Till when can I still book extras?

Basically you can still book for extras till the day of departure (provided that it’s available).

Can I find all my bookings in 'My Roan'?

Due to the switch to a new reservation system, you will need to make a new log-in for your 2023 booking. Previously made bookings can no longer be viewed here.

When you have subsequently booked 2 or more reservations, for example when you combine two campings or go when you are going on holiday with several families at the same time, you will unfortunately only see the 1st booking. We are aware of this technical defect.

What happens if an unsafe situation arises in my holiday destination?

We look at the travel advice 7 days before arrival. If it is not safe to travel to your holiday destination, you can make use of our Money Back Guarantee, for which we adhere to the advice of the government.

Are rising fuel prices a reason to change or cancel my booking?

If you prefer to go on holiday closer to home because of rising fuel prices, you can always change your holiday according to our Terms & conditions. However, this is not a valid reason for cancellation.

What size should the mattress I want to bring for the cot be?

We offer cots with a standard size of 120 x 60 cm.

How do I log in for my 2024 booking

You can view, manage and pay for your own booking in your own my Roan environment. Did you know that here you can also book most extras yourself?

About Roan

Who are we and what can you expect from a holiday with Roan?

Roan has been offering luxury camping holidays on Europe's most beautiful campsites for over 35 years! With the most spectacular swimming pools and in spacious accommodation with extra comfort. The rich inventory includes (in most accommodation) a dishwasher, air conditioning, SAT TV and a lovely lounge sofa on the spacious decking.

There are also entertainment teams for the children and free bikes for the little ones. During your booking, you will be assisted by experienced travel specialists. Based on your wishes and needs, they will help you and answer all your questions. During your stay, our experienced campsite staff are at your service and will do their utmost to give you the service you deserve.

Find out even more about Roan Luxury Camping Holidays here!

Is Roan a British organization?

Roan is a Dutch organization, established in 1986. Almost 70% of our guests are Dutch. Besides that, our guests are from Denmark, Germany, Switserland, United Kingdom and Belgium. Roan Luxury Camping Holidays is part of the European Camping Group.

Is Roan a member of all kinds of organisations?

Yes, of course We are members of the SGR (Paragraph 1843).

What is our address?

Postal address Roan Camping Holidays BV:
De Bijster 17
4817 HZ Breda
The Netherlands

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