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The beautiful region of Gironde in southwestern France is an ideal destination for persons who like variety during a camping vacation. The region is very well known for the wine city of Bordeaux with magnificent historic buildings, squares and streets. Furthermore, region Gironde also has green landscapes, extensive vineyards and several historic cities. For true wine lovers, Gironde is a paradise.

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Overview photo of Roan camping Atlantic Club Montalivet.
Atlantic Club Montalivet

France - South of France - Gironde - Vendays-Montalivet

  • Great water park with halfpipe slide
  • Fun activities for young and old
  • Climb Cordouan's lighthouse for stunning panoramic views

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Our campsites in Gironde

In Gironde we offer the camping Atlantic Club Montalivet. This beautiful campsite on the Atlantic coast has plenty of activities and facilities for young and old. Enjoy the large pool complex with outdoor pools and an indoor pool. The water fun is made even more fun by the presence of spectacular water slides including a half pipe water slide. There are also plenty of opportunities to engage in sports activities at the campground. For beach lovers, this campground is ideal because of its direct access to the sandy beach.

Sightseeing in Gironde

No shortage of sights and attractions during a camping vacation in Gironde. There is much to visit in Gironde such as many historic towns and buildings, natural landscapes and vineyards to also see the demonstration of wine production. Some attractions that are interesting to visit in Gironde:

  • A visit to the capital city of Bordeaux cannot be missed during a camping vacation in Gironde. Take a look at the city center with its historic feel. The Place de la Bourse is also an interesting landmark in the city of Bordeaux. For a museum visit, you are in the right place in the capital city of Bordeaux.
  • In Gironde, you can climb the highest dune, Dune du Pilat, resulting in stunning views of the ocean and surrounding forests. Climb the dunes in the early evening to watch phenomenal sunsets.
  • Saint-Émilion is a cozy medieval village with old-fashioned architecture and vineyards scattered throughout the village. Stroll the cozy streets and enjoy a drink at several cafes. Visit the Monolithic church to get an impression of a partially underground church.
  • The real wine lovers can visit the Cité du Vin wine museum in Bordeaux to watch exhibitions on wine production and wine varieties, wine tastings and the opportunity for a view of the capital city of Bordeaux.
  • In the Gironde region there are numerous castles, each with distinctive architecture and history stories. At most castles, there is the possibility of wine tasting as an optional activity for a fee.
  • The real shoppers can visit the popular long shopping street Rue Sainte-Catherine in the capital city of Bordeaux. The shopping street is a shopper's paradise with its wide range of (famous) clothing stores, restaurants and cafes, making it a lively location in the capital city of Bordeaux.
  • The Domaine de Certes-Graveyron nature reserve near the campsites is a popular spot for persons who like to hike long distances. While adventuring in this national park you can discover marshes, dunes and forests. Bring a good camera or binoculars to photograph or spot various bird species.
  • For those who like (water) sports activities during a camping vacation in Gironde, Lacanau is a good option. The sandy beach is several kilometers long and is a wonderful location for surfers on the Atlantic coast. This beach is also interesting for persons who want to do beach activities.
  • During a camping vacation in Gironde, you may be lucky enough to find events organized at Le Rocher de Palmer near the capital city of Bordeaux. This venue hosts concerts, exhibitions and other events on various dates. 

Climate in Gironde

The climate in Gironde is considered a maritime climate in which the Atlantic Ocean plays a major role. The summer period has ideal temperatures for vacationers. There are often warm temperatures between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, so not extremely hot.  Winters are often mild, so temperatures rarely fall below 0 degrees Celsius. The Atlantic Ocean ensures that temperatures remain moderate during the summer and winter periods, so it does not get extremely hot and cold. 

Travel in Gironde

In Gironde, the infrastructure is fine. Public transportation is particularly accessible in the larger cities such as Bordeaux. The city has many streetcar and bus lines with the buses stopping in locations that are inaccessible to the streetcar. The streetcar is ideal for shorter distances in the center of the city of Bordeaux. Walking or biking are environmentally friendly alternatives for exploring the city. The car offers great convenience and you can decide how and when to explore the area. There are plenty of car rental companies in Gironde for those who do not own their own car. 

Dishes in Gironde

Gironde has a rich diversity of dishes typical of this region. Dishes not to be missed in Gironde are Entrecôte à la Bordelaise (succulent sirloin steak with Bordelaise sauce), Lamb of the Médoc (lamb), Piquillos farcis à la morue (peppers stuffed with cod), Garbure (traditional stew with meat and vegetables) and Tourin (Franks garlic soup). These French dishes from Gironde pair perfectly with a delicious white or red wine.

Important information and useful tips

Are you looking for useful tips and information for your camping vacation in Gironde? On our France page you will find all kinds of useful information and tips under the 'more information' heading.