Terms & Conditions

Roan Camping Holidays is a trading name of European Camping Group Netherlands BV. European Camping Group Netherlands BV acts as a booking agent for foreign tour operators. Roan Comfort Camp SRL offers and handles all destinations in Italy; Roan Comfort Camp SARL in France; Roan Comfort Camp d.o.o. in Croatia, and Allcamps International AG for all the remaining destinations. The Dutch law is applicable to all the terms and conditions stated in the travel contracts. These terms and conditions are applicable to you and the travel provider once you have concluded a travel contract. The offers shown on this 2016 website are valid for new bookings from 1st October 2015 onwards.

Payments and cancellation

The deposit is 30% of the total price. The deposit must be paid prior to the date stated on the booking confirmation. The balance must be paid to the booking agency no later than 8 weeks prior to the date of arrival. If the travel contract is concluded within 8 weeks prior to departure, the total travel sum must be paid immediately. The costs incurred here are to be paid by the client. If the payments are not made within the stipulated time, the agent reserves the right to cancel the booking and the client is responsible for paying the cancellation charges. If a contract is cancelled, the client is obliged to pay any cancellation insurance charges incurred, as well as the following cancellation charges: 
a. 30% of the full travel sum on cancellation up to the 42nd day (exclusive) prior to the date of departure;
b. 60% of the full travel sum on cancellation from the 42nd day (inclusive) to the 28th day (exclusive) prior to the date of departure; 
c. 90% of the full travel sum on cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) up to the date of departure;  
d. The full travel sum on cancellation on the date of departure or later. All cancellations made by the client must always be confirmed in writing. In the event of cancellation, any payments already made cannot be transferred to a booking for the following year.  

Discounts and last minutes

You have no right to claim a refund if you have already booked a holiday and you find that it is offered at a discount or as a special offer at a later date. Discounts do not apply to extras. The following applies to all discounts: the cheapest nights are free and it is possible to stay at different campsites, if you prefer.

Changes made by the client 

There is no extra charge on any changes made up to 28 days prior to arrival, as long as the price remains the same or increases.  You will receive a written confirmation if the change is possible. Changes made within 28 days prior to departure will be subject to an surcharge of £ 23, with the exception of any changes which result in a reduction of price. These changes will be considered partial cancellation and are therefore subject to the Cancellation Terms and Conditions (see Payments and cancellation). Our booking system is set up to ensure that all our accommodations are as fully occupied as possible, which means that it is not always possible to extend or shorten an existing booking (partial cancellation). In case a cancellation leads to the accommodation remaining vacant, 100% of the travel sum will be charged for the period of time which has been cancelled. We request your understanding in this matter. The original booking can be extended during your stay at the campsite, provided that there are accommodations available. In this case, you must pay the extra charge on the spot and you cannot make use of the 14=12-discount or any other special deals being offered at that particular moment.

Travel documents

You are responsible for having all the valid travel documents (also for children), which are required for your destination. The tour operator will not be held responsible or accept any liability for any consequences that may arise from failing to have the correct travel documents.    

Availability of accommodation

Your tent or mobile home is available from 3 pm. Your tent or mobile home must be vacated no later than 10 am on the day of departure. If you arrive later or depart earlier than booked, you will not be refunded for unused accommodations and the tour operator has the right to rent this accommodation to someone else. You will be notified immediately in the event that we are unable to provide the accommodation you have booked owing to insufficient interest or unforeseen circumstances. If possible, we will offer you an equivalent alternative, without any extra charges. If you do not wish to make use of this offer, you will receive a refund of all payments made. The tour operator will not be held responsible for compensating any damage that may occur. You are required to pay € 100 deposit on arrival (no deposit required for Casa Deluxe at Zaton Campsite).

Use of accommodation
The prices shown on our website are based on 4 persons. The following surcharges apply: £ 2 per night for the 5th person, £ 3 per night for the 6th person, and £ 4 per night for the 7th person. The surcharge at Bijela Uvala and Zelena Laguna campsite for the 6th person is £ 7. The surcharge at Domaine du Verdon campsite for the 7th person is £ 8 and the surcharge at Pra'delle Torri campsite for the 6th person is £ 11. At Bijela Uvala, Zelena Laguna, Union Lido, Mediterraneo, Les Sablons, Marina di Venezia, Portofelice and Pra delle Torri campsites, a surcharge of £ 8 per night is charged for the 7th person. Guests are required to use and maintain the accommodation provided with due care, as intended. The design of the tents and mobile homes can differ in some ways. Pitches for tents and mobile homes can also vary in shape and size, even on the same campsite. In some tents, it is not possible to use the canopy. We reserve the right to claim damages from our guests for any loss and/or damages to our properties. Any loss and/or damages incurred must be reported to the campsite representative immediately, who will then ensure that the damage is repaired as soon as possible. For your comfort, we recommend a maximum of five persons in the tents and two-bedroomed mobile homes, and no more than six persons in the three-bedroomed mobile homes. The maximum number of persons allowed in a tent or two-bedroomed mobile home is six persons and seven persons in a three-bedroomed mobile home. There are some exceptions, which you can find in the information pertaining to various accommodations. An extra tent cannot be used to exceed the maximum number of persons per accommodation. In some cases, a surcharge must be paid on the spot for adding an extra tent. It is not always possible to park your car next to your accommodation, so you have to park it in the central parking area or elsewhere. The holidays in this programme are based on one family travelling in one car. Deviations from this could lead to problems on some campsites and are therefore at the client’s own risk and expense. You can use up to three devices on your own Roan Wi-Fi network free of charge in Supreme mobile homes. The tour operator is not liable for any damage due to any WiFi malfunction in our Supreme mobile homes or WiFi on the campsite itself. The new campsites on our books do not necessarily have new accommodations. The tour operator does not allow any persons under the age of 23 unless accompanied by adults. The tour operator also reserves the right to refuse bookings to any persons, particularly groups, without stating reasons. Group bookings can only be made by telephone. The booking will be accepted or not depending on the campsite and the composition, size and ages of those in the group. We do not accept any liability for loss, theft, damage or injury to any guests using accommodations provided by the tour operator. Guests using the safes provided by the campsite do so at their own risk and the tour operator cannot accept liability for any theft or damage to these safes/lockable closets. Anyone using the accommodations provided by the tour operator are required to adhere to the rules of conduct, laid down by the campsite owner. In the event of any violation of these rules, the campsite owner and the  tour operator both reserve the right to refuse admission to the campsite or accommodations. Our campsite representatives are not authorised to act on behalf of the tour operator regarding any liabilities. In the low season (spring and autumn), some campsite owners  have to keep some of their facilities, like swimming pools, shops or entertainment, closed or only open at certain times, without notifying us.  Specified opening and closing dates of facilities, such as swimming amenities and entertainment, and so on, are subject to approval. Shorts and bathing caps are not always allowed in the swimming pools. This website has been compiled with the utmost care based on the information available in November 2015. We cannot accept responsibility for any changes in circumstance during the holiday season. Nor do we accept responsibility for unforeseen circumstances, such as weather conditions, construction work on site, pests and vermin, noise pollution, the functioning of campsite facilities (e.g. swimming pools or WIFI), and other circumstances for which the campsite owner is accountable. There is a (small) charge for the use of some of the facilities or activities on the campsite. The photographs and drawings shown here serve to give an impression of the destination and/or accommodation. No legal liability can be derived from them. Any cases not covered by these terms and conditions will be submitted to the Management, who will decide on the appropriate course of action. The tour operator is not liable for any changes in the choice of channels available in our mobile homes. Pets are only allowed in our tents (not allowed on all campsites) and in Casa Deluxe mobile homes. If you bring a pet into one of the accommodations or campsites where pets are not allowed, the tour operator reserves the right to refuse admission to the campsite or accommodation.


If you go on holiday with two or more families, you may want adjoining accommodations. Or you may prefer a shady spot or a place near the pool. We kindly request you to state any preferences when making your booking. Obviously, we will do our utmost to comply with your request. However, we cannot guarantee this unless you have booked a ”next-to-each-other” guarantee (i.e. preference paid for in advance). Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can comply with your request even if you have booked early, or if you have been a loyal customer of the tour operator for many years, unless a suitable tent or mobile home happens to be available on your arrival. If your request cannot be met, for whatever reason, you will not be notified beforehand. You may find that our accommodation pitches have changed compared to the previous year. Please note that ‘adjoining’ also refers to accommodations facing each other, back-to-back, diagonally opposite to each other, etc.  In other words, there should be no accommodation between you and the other family.

Errors and omissions

Errors and omissions on our website are not binding. We reserve the right to change any errors and omissions that may have occurred.


We always do our utmost to ensure that there is no cause for complaints. However, despite our efforts, you may have reason to lodge a legitimate complaint. If so, we kindly request you to contact our campsite representative and lodge your complaint as soon as possible. They will do everything in their power to solve the problem. If you are convinced that your complaint has not been solved satisfactorily, you can call your booking agency.
If you are not satisfied with the solution, you are requested to contact the campsite representative immediately and write a complaint report together. This report needs to be signed by both of you. You are also required to send us your complaint in writing no later than one month after returning home. In addition, you need to fill in a questionnaire. However, this questionnaire is not an official letter of complaint and therefore we strongly advise you not to mention your complaint in this questionnaire. If you do mention your complaint in the questionnaire, we will read it but will not regard it as an official complaint. Any complaints submitted after the deadline or not signed by the campsite representative cannot be taken into consideration. If you have not followed the procedure as stated here, then unfortunately, your complaint cannot be dealt with in retrospect.


The holidays offered on our website remain camping holidays, no matter how luxurious and comfortable they are. It is important to note, especially for those who have never gone on a camping holiday before, that our campsites are usually fully booked in July and August. If your first holiday priorities are peace and quiet and privacy, we recommend that you avoid these months. A holiday abroad also means being with people who have different cultures and customs , as well as different norms and values. For instance, in Mediterranean countries,  people generally enjoy a midday siesta, during which the swimming pools and gates are closed. Please note that the WiFi speed in Mediterranean countries may be slower than you are accustomed to at home. This is something to bear in mind. These are important factors to bear in mind when choosing your holiday.

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