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Roan Camping Holidays is a trade name of Roan Camping Holidays BV. Roan Camping Holidays BV acts as sales agent for foreign tour operators. Roan Camping Holidays SRL is responsible for offering and operating destinations in Italy, Roan Comfort Camp SARL for destinations in France, Roan Comfort Camp d.o.o. for destinations in Croatia, Roan Holidays SL for destinations in Spain, and Roan AG for the remaining destinations. Dutch law is applicable to all travel contracts. The travel contract is an agreement between you and the tour operator and once you have concluded this contract, you automatically agree to the Privacy Policy.

SGR Guarantee Fund
Roan Camping Holidays is a member of the SGR Guarantee Fund, which means a holiday of safety and quality with the necessary guarantees. The campsites published in this programme/on this website (in bold where applicable) are covered by the SGR guarantee. This SGR guarantee intervenes in the event of the bankruptcy of the agency. From 1 February 2021, the SGR Guarantee Fund will introduce a participation fee of € 15 per booking. This amount will be charged to the traveller by Roan Camping Holidays and transferred to the SGR Guarantee Fund.

2021 bookings
If a contract is cancelled, the traveller shall owe the following cancellation costs in addition to the costs of any cancellation insurance taken out, even if you have only paid 99 deposit:

  • On cancellations made before 1 March in the year you are travelling: no charge
  • On cancellations made between 1 March in the year you are travelling and the 28th day (exclusive) prior to the day of arrival: 35% of the travel sum;
  • On cancellations made from the 28th day (inclusive) to the 21th day (exclusive) priority to the day of arrival: 40% of the travel sum;
  • On cancellations made from the 21th day (inclusive) to the 14th day (exclusive) priority to the day of arrival: 50% of the travel sum;
  • On cancellations made from the 14th day (inclusive) to the 5th day (exclusive) priority to the day of arrival: 75% of the travel sum;
  • On cancellations made from the 5th day (inclusive) to the day of arrival: 90% of the travel sum;
  • On cancellations made on the arrival day or later: the full travel sum.

Transfers from season 2020 to 2021 cannot be cancelled free of charge. Travellers are required to confirm all cancellations in writing. In case of cancellation, it is not possible to transfer any paid sums to a reservation for the following year.

2021 bookings
If you make a booking for season 2021 and book before 1 March 2021, you must pay €99,- within 14 days.  The remainder of the payment must be received by the booking office no later than 8 weeks before the arrival date. For guests arriving in the months of March to June, the remaining amount is due 4 weeks prior to arrival. If the travel contract is concluded within 8 weeks prior to departure, the entire travel sum must be paid immediately. If payments are not made within the set period, the travel organisation reserves the right to cancel the reservation and the person who has made the booking is liable for the cancellation costs. If an agreement is cancelled, the traveller is required to pay the following cancellation fees in addition to the any cancellation insurance charges.

Refund guarantee
If the holiday cannot go ahead due to a negative travel advice from the government, we give you the guarantee that you will get your full travel sum back. Of course you can also opt for a holiday to another destination or a voucher. 

Discounts and last-minute deals
Roan reserves the right to grant discounts on last-minute deals to customers who book a trip from that moment onwards. If you have already booked a holiday and a discount or special deal is offered after your booking date, you are not entitled to a refund. Discounts are not valid on extras. For all contiguous discounts: the cheapest nights are free and it is possible to combine campsites.

Early bird bookings in 2021
Changes and booking cancellations are permitted at no extra charge prior to 1 March 2021. If you made your booking before 1 October 2020 and wish to change it, you can do so at our special early bird booking rates. Early bird booking discounts, early bird prices and offers up to 45% are valid on bookings made before 1 October 2020. An early bird price is not the same as the lowest price guarantee. Roan reserves the right to change prices. When you have paid with a corona voucher and you cancel your booking, the conditions of the corona voucher continue to apply.

If I have rebooked my holiday to 2021 and I decide to cancel anyway?
If you cancel your 2021 trip before the 1st of March it will be free of charge, but we will charge you 30% cancellation fee for your already cancelled holiday in 2020. If you cancel your 2021 trip after 1 March 2021, the regular cancellation conditions will apply, which you can find in our travel conditions.

Corona Voucher
If you have received a voucher from Roan Camping Holidays, you can use it to pay for a trip with a later arrival date. The voucher is valid for one year from the time of issue and can be used for all trips from the Roan Camping Holiday and Go4camp offer. Your holiday must take place before 31 December 2021.

Within 1 year from the date of issue, you can book your next holiday and redeem your voucher. The arrival date needs to be in 2021. If you receive the voucher on the 1st of April, you have until the 1st of April 2021 to book a new holiday arriving in the year 2021.  

Changes made by the traveller after 01.03.2021
Changes that lead to an increase in the rent or where the rent remains the same are in principle free of charge. If this change is possible, it will be confirmed in writing. To determine the rental price, we always keep the original booking date. If your changed trip is more advantageous, you will not receive any money back. The reserved period can be extended during your stay at the campsite, when accommodation is available. The extra nights must be settled with the campsite staff on the spot. No claim can be made for early booking discounts or any other actions valid at that time.

Travel documents
You are responsible for having all the required valid travel documents (including those for children). The travel provider accepts no liability for any consequences arising from not being in possession of the correct travel documents.

Travel documentation
After we have received your payment in full, we will send you your travel documentation by email or by post, 28 days prior to the start of your holiday. Please print all the travel documentation and ensure that you have it with you when you arrive at your holiday address. Showing your travel documentation on a phone or tablet is not accepted at all campsites. Access to the accommodation and / or campsite may be refused without valid travel documentation.

Availability of accommodations and deposits
Tents and mobile homes are available from 5 p.m. onwards. On the day of departure, you are required to leave your tent or mobile home no later than 10 a.m. If you arrive at your tent, mobile home or hotel later than you have booked, or if you depart earlier than expected, no refund will be given for your unoccupied accommodation, and the travel provider is free to re-let this accommodation. You will be notified immediately if we are unable to provide you with the accommodation you have reserved, e.g. in cases of insufficient interest or circumstances beyond our control. If possible, an equivalent alternative will be offered to you at no extra charge. If you do not wish to make use of this alternative, all paid sums will be refunded immediately. In that case, the travel provider will not be obliged to pay compensation for any damage. You are required to pay a deposit of € 100 on arrival. We ask you to pay the deposit as much as possible cashless. At most campsites you can pay by a payment request sent by our couriers to you by sms or email. Do you still want to pay cash? That is, of course, also possible. If the barbecue has not been cleaned properly on departure, €25 will be deducted from your deposit.

Final cleaning in 2021
In Croatia, final cleaning is optional when you book your holiday. The costs are €55,- for Mobile homes and lodge tent Woody. The final cleaning for tents and lodge tent Holiday is €40,-. When you choose final cleaning, we would like to ask you to leave the accommodation broom clean, dispose of your waste and do the dishes. Also we would like to request you to clean the barbeque.

Campings with obligatory cleaning
In 2021, final cleaning will be compulsory for the following campings: Altomincio family Park, Bella Italia, Ca’Savio, De Schatberg, Le Domaine du Clarys - Le Clarys Plage, Le Val de Bonnal, Les Sablons, Eden, Etruria, La Chapelle, La Masia, Le Capanne, La Sirène, Le Ranc Davaine, Les Méditerranées Beach Garden, Marina di Venezia, Norcenni Girasole, Park Albatros, Park Delle Rose, Pra’delle Torri, Piantelle, San Francesco, San Vito Cisano, Sant Angelo, Spiaggia e Mare, Tahiti, Terme Catez and Villaggio Europa. The costs are €44,- per accommodation and are to be paid at the time of booking. At Camping Tonnara the obligatory final cleaning is €45,-. At Union Lido, Mediterraneo and Playa Montroig the costs are €55,-.

Use of accommodations
All prices shown on our website are based on a 4-person occupancy. There is a surcharge of € 3 per night for the 5th person, € 4 per night for the 6th person, and € 5 per night for the 7th person. Please note: Bijela Uvala and Zelena Laguna campsites both charge an additional fee of € 8 per night for the 6th person. Domaine du Verdon campsite charges an additional fee of € 13 per night for the 7th person, and Bijela Uvala, Zelena Laguna, Union Lido, Mediterraneo, Les Sablons, Marina di Venezia and Portofelice campsites all charge an extra fee of € 10 per night for the 7th person. Pra delle Torri campsite charges an additional fee for the 6th person, which has to be paid on the spot. The amount of this surcharge is subject to change. At campsite Pra delle Torri children 2 years and under are free of charge and children over 3 years and adults pay a surcharge ranging between €4 and € 12 per night, depending on the period booked. Union Lido campsite charges an additional fee for the 7th person, which has to be paid on the spot.

Guests are required to use and maintain their accommodations with care and in accordance with campsite regulations. Some of the tents and mobile homes may differ slightly. Pitches for tents and mobile homes may vary in shape and size, even at the same campsite. In some cases, tent canopies cannot be used. We reserve the right to recover any damage and / or loss of our property from our guests. Any damage and / or loss that is detected must be reported immediately to the campsite staff member, who will then rectify the situation as soon as possible. 

For your comfort, we recommend a maximum of five persons in our tents and 2-bedroomed mobile homes, and no more than six persons in our 3-bedroomed mobile homes. The maximum number of persons allowed in tents or 2-bedroomed mobile homes is six, and in our 3-bedroomed mobile homes, seven. For further information on exceptions, please check out the sections on accommodations. An additional tent cannot be used to increase the maximum number of people allowed per accommodation. An extra fee is sometimes charged if you want to pitch an additional tent. This extra fee must be paid on the spot. The maximum size of an additional tent is 2.00 x 2.00 m. You are required to observe the maximum number of persons allowed. All travel participants must be specified at the time of booking. The person booking the trip for other participants is jointly and severally liable for all the participants he / she registers.

If you exceed the maximum number of persons allowed, entry to the accommodation may be refused. We accept no liability for this. Parking is not always available at the accommodation itself. In such cases, you are required to utilise the central parking lot, situated nearby. The holidays offered in this guide are based on a family, travelling in one car. Deviations from this could result in problems at some campsites, and furthermore, the person who has made the booking is liable for any ensuing risks or costs. In bad weather conditions, satellite TV may not work properly. The new campsites in our guide do not necessarily have new accommodations.

The travel provider does not accept unsupervised young persons under the age of 23 in their accommodations. The travel provider also reserves the right to refuse alternative reservations, especially groups, without stating reasons. Group bookings can only be made by telephone. The booking will be accepted or not once we have checked on the campsite, ages, composition, and size of the group. We do not accept liability for any loss, theft, damage or injury caused to tenants and those using the accommodation offered by the travel provider.

Use of a safe at the campsite is at the tenant's own risk; the travel provider cannot be held liable for theft and loss from the safes / lockable closets provided. Tenants using the accommodation offered by the travel provider are required to respect the rules of conduct set by the campsite owner on site. Both the travel provider and the campsite owner reserve the right to deny access to the grounds or the accommodation if the tenant fails to comply with these rules of conduct. Our camp staff are not authorised to make decisions regarding liability on the part of the travel provider.

Use of camping facilities
In (early) low season and (late) high season, campsite owners may be forced to partially or completely close some facilities, such as the swimming pool, shops, and entertainment without notice. Opening and closing dates for facilities, such as swimming pools and entertainment, are subject to change. Swimming shorts are not always allowed in the pool. Some campsites require guests to wear swimming caps in the pool. Both our brochure and website have been compiled with great care based on the information available in November 2018. However, we cannot accept liability for any changes in circumstances during the holiday season. Furthermore, we are not responsible for any external factors, such as weather conditions, construction activities on site, vermin, noise pollution, campsite facilities (including swimming pool and WIFI and any conditions for which the campsite owner is responsible). A small fee may be charged for the use of some facilities or activities at the campsite. The travel provider is not liable for any changes to the channels offered in our mobile homes.

All photos and illustrations depicted in our brochure and website serve to give an impression of the destination and / or accommodation. No rights can be derived from this. The management reserves the right to make decisions in all cases that are not provided for in these Travel and Booking Terms and Conditions. The travel provider reserves the right to use all photo and video material made available to the travel provider (via email or Facebook or any other form) for commercial purposes, such as websites, brochures, etc.

Possible additional costs
You pay tourist tax in all countries. You charge between € 0.50 and € 1.00 per day per person. In Croatia some campsites charge a registration fee of +/- € 1,- per person (this is per stay, not per day). In the Netherlands, service charges may still apply. These surcharges are paid locally (tourist tax and registration fees are in some cases already paid at the time of booking). At the following campings in the Netherlands the costs for water and electricity are not included: Roompot beach resort, Hunzedal, Bospark Lunsbergen, Callassande and Kijkduin. These campings are subject to local charges at the time of booking (local charges include tourist tax, gas, light and waste charges).

Pets are only allowed in our bungalow tents and Holiday lodge tents (not allowed on all campsites). The travel provider reserves the right to deny access to the campsite or accommodation if you bring a pet into an accommodation or to a campsite where they are not allowed. You are always required to bring your pet's vaccination certificate with you so that you can show it at the campsite, if required. Pets at campsites Etruria and Le Capanne to be paid on site.

When you go on holiday, you may have various preferences. For example, if you go on holiday with two or more families, you may want accommodations located side-by-side, or you may prefer a shady pitch or a place near the pool. We kindly request you to state your preferences when making your booking. Naturally, we will do our utmost best to comply with your requests. However, we cannot guarantee this unless you have booked a ”side-by-side guarantee" or “pitch guarantee”(i.e. you have paid for your preference). 

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that we can comply with your request even if you have booked early, or if you have been a loyal customer for many years, unless a suitable tent or mobile home happens to be available on your arrival. If your request cannot be met, for whatever reason, you will not be notified beforehand. You may find that our accommodation pitches have changed compared to the previous year. 

Preferred-pitch (previously Pitch guarantee)
At some campsites it’s possible to choose a  Preferred-pitch. By choosing for our Preferred-pitch you will be assured of the best pitch of your choice. The Roan Preferred-pitch can be booked until 01.03.21 at the latest and costs only € 50. A combination of the Preferred-pitch and the Next-door Guarantee is not possible. A Preferred-pitch is only possible for Mobile homes. If, for any reason, we are unable to honour this guarantee, we will pay you the costs of this guarantee plus a refund of € 100 per accommodation.

Side-by-side guarantee
At some campsites it’s possible to book a "side-by-side guarantee". The  costs are € 30 per accommodation (a maximum of 3 accommodations of the same type of accommodation and during the same holiday period). Please note that the term "side-by-side" also includes accommodations located opposite each other, back-to-back, diagonally opposite, etc. In other words, there must be no accommodation between you and the other family. If, for any reason, we are unable to honour this guarantee, we will pay you a refund of € 120 per accommodation. 

We always do our utmost best to ensure that there is no cause for complaints. However, despite our efforts, you may have reason to lodge a legitimate complaint. If so, we kindly request you to contact our campsite representative and lodge your complaint as soon as possible. Our campsite representative will do everything in his/her power to resolve your problem. If you are not satisfied that your complaint has been dealt with adequately, you can call your booking agency. If you are not satisfied with the solution, you are requested to contact the campsite representative, write down your complaint and sign it on the spot. You are also required to submit your complaint to us in writing no later than two months after returning home. Please note that any complaints mentioned in our survey/guest review do not count as official letters of complaint, although naturally they will be read and noted. Complaints cannot be processed if they have been submitted after the above-mentioned deadline or if they have not been drawn up and signed in the presence of a campsite representative. If you have not followed the procedure stated above, then unfortunately, your complaint cannot be processed retrospectively. 

Sustainable Tourism
When compiling our trips, we take many aspects into account, such as the people, the environment, nature and culture, so that our holidays to attractive destinations are not only special for you, but also for future generations. Whatever holiday you are looking for, be it hiking around beautiful natural areas, immersing yourself in local culture, meeting new people or tasting delicious regional dishes, together, we will arrange unforgettable trips that will lead to better places and finer experiences. In doing so, we are making an important contribution to sustainable developments at the destination of your choice, not only for you, the traveller, but also for those people living there. 

The holidays offered in our brochure and on our website remain camping holidays, no matter how luxurious and comfortable they are. A particular note for guests who have never been on a camping trip before: our campsites are generally fully booked in July and August. If your top holiday priorities are privacy, peace and quiet, we recommend that you avoid these months. A holiday abroad means that you will be around people from different cultures with different customs, norms and values. For example, in Mediterranean countries, people generally enjoy a midday siesta, during which time the swimming pools and gates are closed. Please note that WIFI in Mediterranean countries may be slower than WIFI at home. These are important factors to bear in mind when choosing your holiday destination. Please note that you are responsible for any vaccinations that may be required.