Electric car charging at the campsite

Electric car charging at the campsite

More and more campsites are responding to the fact that more and more people are buying electric cars, there are charging stations at campsites all over Europe. Charging an electric car is very easy, just like charging your cell phone you connect the car to a charging station by means of a charging cable and you wait until the battery is charged again. 

View here which Roan campsites are equipped for charging stations for electric cars.

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Overview of the swimming pool and beautiful bay at Roan campsite Zaton Holiday resort.
Zaton Holiday Resort

Croatia - Croatian coast - Dalmatia - Zadar

  • Fabulous pool complex with fun water features
  • Shopping promenade & restaurants at the campsite
  • A short walk from the picturesque village of Nin

Mobile homes

(7 types available)
Thu 12 Sep - Thu 19 Sep
from 514.99

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Tue 03 Sep - Tue 10 Sep
from 369.32
Overview of the pool complex at Roan camping Park Albatros.
Park Albatros

Italy - Central and Southern Italy - Tuscany - San Vincenzo

  • 3 large shallow lagoon pools with a wide slide
  • Accommodations on beautiful pitches
  • Make sure you visit friendly San Vincenzo

Mobile homes

(12 types available)
Sat 19 Apr - Sat 26 Apr
from 277.56
Swimming pool and beach at Roan camping Valkanela

Croatia - Croatian coast - Istria - Vrsar

  • Large pool complex with 3 lovely swimming baths
  • Good campsite restaurant and pizzeria
  • Just 10 minutes from 'Aquacolors' water park

Mobile homes

(3 types available)
Thu 29 Aug - Thu 05 Sep
from 983.72

Lodge tents

(2 types available)
Thu 01 Aug - Sat 03 Aug
from 423.07
New lagoon pool at Roan campsite Domaine de la Yole.
Domaine de la Yole

France - South of France - Languedoc-Roussillon - Valras-Plage

  • New next to the current pool: a lagoon beach pool!
  • Luxury mobile homes in car-free Premium Zone to book
  • See the vineyards next to the camping

Mobile homes

(9 types available)
Thu 05 Sep - Thu 12 Sep
from 432.53
Overview pool Roan camping Norcenni Girasole.
Norcenni Girasole Club

Italy - Central and Southern Italy - Tuscany - Figline Valdarno

  • 2 large swimming pool complexes with lagoon pool
  • Great restaurants and new bar 'Music & Fun'
  • Visit the cities of Siena, Pisa and Lucca

Mobile homes

(10 types available)
Sat 21 Sep - Sat 28 Sep
from 365.06

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Thu 01 Aug - Thu 08 Aug
from 1,397.51
Heated outdoor pool with 4 water slides at Roan camping De Twee Bruggen.
De Twee Bruggen

Netherlands - Gelderland - Winterswijk

  • Both indoor and outdoor pool with slides
  • Luxury lounge mobile homes available
  • Located in the middle of the National Landscape Winterswijk

Mobile homes

(2 types available)
Fri 23 Aug - Fri 30 Aug
from 939.24
Water playground Roan camping Marvilla Parks Kaatsheuvel
Marvilla Parks Kaatsheuvel

Netherlands - Noord Brabant - Kaatsheuvel

  • Enjoy the Loonse and Drunense Dunes
  • Brand new swimming pool and fun water playground with slides
  • Just 8 car minutes from Efteling amusement par

Mobile homes

(4 types available)
Mon 09 Sep - Fri 13 Sep
from 187.49
Overview of new pool 2024 at Roan camping Domaine de la Brèche.
Domaine de la Brèche

France - Central France - Loire - Varennes-sur-Loire

  • Luxury mobile homes with jacuzzi to book!
  • New in 2024: stunning pool with slides
  • Small-scale and friendly campsite

Mobile homes

(3 types available)
Sat 17 Aug - Sat 24 Aug
from 929.19
Overview with new slides at Roan camping du Vieux Pont
La Croix du Vieux Pont

France - North of France - Picardy - Berny Rivière

  • Great swimming pool with long slides
  • Mobile homes located on beautiful grassy pitches
  • Located on Aisne River in stunning surroundings

Mobile homes

(3 types available)
Fri 23 Aug - Fri 30 Aug
from 1,156.25
Overview of swimming pool at Roan camping Bi Village.
Bi Village

Croatia - Croatian coast - Istria - Pula

  • 3 swimming pools with slides and children's pools
  • Roan accommodations are close to swimming pools
  • The magnificent city of Pula is 7 km away

Mobile homes

(8 types available)
Thu 12 Sep - Thu 19 Sep
from 632.52

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Sat 27 Jul - Sat 03 Aug
from 1,261.39
Overview photo of Roan camping Atlantic Club Montalivet.
Atlantic Club Montalivet

France - South of France - Gironde - Vendays-Montalivet

  • Great water park with halfpipe slide
  • Fun activities for young and old
  • Climb Cordouan's lighthouse for stunning panoramic views

Mobile homes

(1 types available)
Mon 26 Aug - Mon 02 Sep
from 1,128.68
Olympic pool at Roan camping Domaine Naïades.
Domaine des Naïades

France - South of France - Côte d’Azur - Grimaud

  • Great pool complex with slides and kiddies' pool
  • Entertainment during peak season
  • Saint Tropez can be reached by ferry

Mobile homes

(6 types available)
Sat 21 Sep - Sat 28 Sep
from 492.00
Swimming park of Roan camping La Chapelle.
La Chapelle

France - South of France - Languedoc-Roussillon - Argelès sur Mer

  • Fun slides and a water playground
  • Entertainment during peak season
  • 200 metres from the fine sandy beaches of Argelès

Mobile homes

(7 types available)
Sat 21 Sep - Sat 28 Sep
from 402.36
Water slides and swimming pool at Roan camping Grande Métairie.
La Grande Métairie

France - North of France - Brittany - Carnac

  • Swimming paradise with indoor pool and lazy river
  • Cool zip line & tree climbing course
  • Sailing school nearby

Mobile homes

(1 types available)
Sat 27 Jul - Sat 03 Aug
from 1,236.98
Overview of swimming pool at Roan camping Cala Canyelles.
Cala Canyelles

Spain - Costa Brava - Lloret de Mar

  • Swimming pool with 2 great slides
  • Terrace camping with stunning views
  • Picturesque Tossa del Mar is located nearby

Mobile homes

(5 types available)
Sat 31 Aug - Sat 07 Sep
from 420.36
Drone shot of the swimming pool at Roan camping Adriano Village.
Adriano Camping Village

Italy - Northern Italy - Adriatic coast - Punta Marina Terme

  • Swimming pool with separate children's pool
  • Lively family campsite close to Ravenna
  • Located next to its own private beach

Mobile homes

(3 types available)
Thu 05 Sep - Thu 12 Sep
from 765.44
Overview of one of the pools at Roan camping Tahiti.

Italy - Northern Italy - Adriatic coast - Lido delle Nazioni

  • 3 beautifully designed swimming pool complexes
  • Superb entertainment programme for all ages
  • Camping excursions to Venice and San Marino

Mobile homes

(4 types available)
Sat 10 May - Sat 17 May
from 386.20

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Sat 03 Aug - Sat 10 Aug
from 1,332.62
An overview photo of the pool at Roan camping Domaine de Massereau.
Domaine de Massereau

France - South of France - Languedoc-Roussillon - Sommières

  • Taste local wines in the vineyard across from the campground
  • Zip-lining is available at the adventure park, just 2 minutes away
  • Lovely pool and indoor spa

Mobile homes

(2 types available)
Thu 15 Aug - Thu 22 Aug
from 1,251.11
Overview of Roan camping Le Pianacce's water park.
Le Pianacce

Italy - Central and Southern Italy - Tuscany - Castagneto Carducci

  • Pool with children's bath and fun water feature
  • Tents on shady pitches close to the pool
  • Visit Siena, Lucca and Volterra

Mobile homes

(7 types available)
Sat 07 Sep - Sat 14 Sep
from 313.75

Lodge tents

(1 types available)
Mon 22 Jul - Mon 29 Jul
from 860.28
Child plays in swimming band at Roan campsite Marvilla Parks Friese Meren.
Marvilla Parks Friese Meren

Netherlands - Friesland - Lemmer

  • Clearly arranged indoor swimmingpool
  • Cosy restaurant with nice terrace
  • Within walking distance of het Slotermeer

Mobile homes

(4 types available)
Mon 19 Aug - Mon 26 Aug
from 527.86

Going on holiday with an electric car may require some extra planning and attention, but it is certainly feasible. There are plenty of charging points available in many European countries these days. It is always wise to plan your route before you travel, so you know where you can charge and where you can find fast chargers on your route. Several websites allow you to plot your route, taking into account your car's range. Although Tesla's have a well-functioning software that tells you exactly where and when to charge, it is still wise to plan a route for all electric cars. Charging stations along the motorway are often prime locations. So make your stop a nice break and enjoy a delicious coffee or something sweet.

If you want to make optimal use of your range, it is advisable to maintain a constant speed of about 100 km/h and drive on the automatic pilot. If you maintain a continuous speed, you will need to charge less quickly and will probably reach your destination faster than if you step on the accelerator and need to charge more often. So depending on your range, it is wise to drive slowly.

Some tips for your electric car journey:

  • Choose fast chargers on your route: To keep your stop short, opt for fast chargers that can recharge your electric car 80% within 30 minutes. Use this stop for a quick refreshment and sanitary break.
  • Carry several charging passes: Make sure you carry several charging passes, including Tesla's app, so you can access several charging networks, especially in areas with few charging points such as northern France, Burgundy, Auvergne and Limousin. Pay close attention to whether different rates apply abroad for your chosen pass and whether the pass is also usable for charging in the country you are travelling through.
  • Know what to do in case of breakdown on the road: Make sure you are aware of dealer support for your electric car or that your car insurance offers breakdown cover.
  • Take an extra charging cable with you when you travel! Usually, you get a charging cable as standard with your car for charging from a pole as well as a charging cable for charging from a normal socket (if the latter is not the case, you can purchase one).
  • Don't forget to bring environmental stickers, hazard vests and breathalyzer tests. Also get a toll badge for toll roads in countries such as Spain, France and Italy.
  • Set regenerative braking for better range: Use regenerative braking to improve the range of your electric car while driving.
  • When booking accommodation for a stopover, it is wise to check in advance whether there is a charging station. This gives you more security so that after a long day in your car, you can charge your car at your accommodation.


In Germany, you have several charging station providers (EnBW, Allego, Ionity, E.ON) for this it is advisable to bring several charging passes and have corresponding apps on your phone.


Along the main routes to southern France, ultra-fast charging stations have been established by various providers such as Allegro, IONITY and Fastned. Having an extra charging pass can be particularly handy in France. Fortunately, most Dutch charge cards come with a French variant, such as those from Izivia, Freschmile or Fulli, giving you access to more than 90% of the charging network.


For larger energy needs on the road, there are fewer fast chargers available than in France, for example, with charging speeds of 50 kW or higher.
Along major main roads, 50 kW fast chargers in Spain offer reasonably good coverage. However, if you want to charge faster than 50 kW, options in Spain are limited. Besides Tesla Super chargers, Ionity charging stations are also available.

On more than 95% of the charging network, the Electromaps charging pass can be ordered and taken with you when you take your electric car to Spain. Especially if you go off the main roads and want to charge, this pass is indispensable.


Going on holiday to Italy is doable and easily accessible. The north of Italy up to Rome is well equipped with charging stations. Besides Germany and Austria, Switzerland also has excellent coverage with charging facilities along the motorways. For these countries, check which charging card you need and take several with you to be sure. If you are not a Tesla driver and depend on other types of fast chargers, we recommend buying an Enel or Nextcharge charging card, which are accepted on almost all Italian providers. So handy for travelling!


On the way to Croatia, you will travel via Germany, Austria and Slovenia. If you do not drive directly to Croatia, but make a stopover in Germany or Austria, it is important to book accommodation with a charging station. This will save time on arrival and departure. Fortunately, the supply of charging facilities along the motorways in Germany and Austria is extensive enough to get around the country well. In Slovenia, however, it takes a bit more planning to find a charging point. It is wise to check in advance which charging card you can use. The Plug Surfing charging card is common in Slovenia and can be purchased before your holiday. Connecting the charger here may also be slightly different from in the Netherlands. You may have to present your pass first before attaching the charging cables. In Croatia, you will find most charging stations from the provider ELEN, both in cities and along motorways.

Use the tips above and plan your trip carefully so that you arrive at your camping destination relaxed and ready to enjoy the fun holiday time.