Toddler-friendly holidays

From the moment that Roan Camping Holidays started offering camping holidays, children have always been our central focus. Kids love playing outside all day long. At our campsites, we offer free bikes for the kids to use to their heart’s content! Kids make friends really easily on campsites and, if the kids are enjoying themselves and are happy, then the parents are automatically happy, too.

Toddler friendly campsites

That is why Roan Camping Holidays carefully selects its campsites with this in mind, making sure that they are suitable for families with children. These carefully-selected campsites offer a wealth of facilities, including (several) swimming pools with fun equipment and/or slides, playgrounds, various sporting amenities and activities, such as football, not to mention a fabulous entertainment programme. All in all, there is always plenty to do for everyone, including the toddlers!  

Our accommodations come equipped with everything you and your family need. We also rent cots, high chairs, pushchairs and bed guards.

Roan also offers you a choice of toddler friendly holidays. Our toddler friendly campsites are located in France, Italy, Croatia and Slovenia.
Toddler friendly campsites